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Previous Entry Where's my ramen? Oct. 18th, 2004 @ 07:57 pm Next Entry
Well, some recent things have happened in the lives of each of us Vun Duns members.... most specifically mine. The company I was working for (yeah those day jobs really can suck sometimes) went bankrupt and lost all of its cash flow...... therefore us poor hard workers had to take it in the ass from the man when he told us about the major layoff. This kinda sent things in a downward spiral... but I did not fret. I used that negative energy and turned it into something positive. I sat there and threw together a few new tracks, all of them very cyberpopish yet still symphonic in nature. Good thing was that KenCho loved them and it wasn't long before he had lyrics laid out. These lyrics began to tell a story though.. a story that we carried on... was originally to only be a simple 6 track EP, but this new stuff in the works here seems to be growing along with the storyline in our heads. Something new is coming, something completely different from that which you have already known. We'll have samples for you as soon as the availability is made and a song is finished. The project is still untitled, but I have a feeling about this one....

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