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Bitter Quill - The Vun Duns Backstage Pass

About Bitter Quill

Previous Entry Bitter Quill Nov. 3rd, 2004 @ 08:18 pm Next Entry
After a stretch of time that went on far too long, we are now nearing completion of our second studio album. Loads of fresh material on here, and an old relic I created in our early days was completely rejuvenated and added to the line-up. Truly, Bitter Quill marks a vast departure from our previous work. But all that is triviality.

What's really important here is the actual music.

"Paladin Complex"

I've made the mp3 low-quality simply for ease-of-download, especially for dialup users. While it won't sound quite as clear as the final master, it's all there, and it IS the full song. If you like what you hear, rest assured that the full album will be available to purchase within the week. Up until the release, you may pre-order it for a mere $5. We haven't decided what the price will be upon release as of yet. Email " aeonbluestar39@ pol.com " [yes, we're all about the FFXI] to find out how to go about pre-ordering. Putting "VUN 2.0" in the subject line would help us get to your order faster, of course.

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