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The Vun Duns Backstage Pass

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This community is effectively closed Dec. 3rd, 2011 @ 10:41 pm
In the past few months, I've had to moderate a fuckton of posts that consisted of Russian text and a giant photo of a penis. No more. I'm turning off public posting, and as you can tell by the date of the previous post(2006), this community is basically closed anyway. Nobody will read this, I'm sure.

Music update May. 6th, 2006 @ 06:16 pm
First off, we apologise for only updating this journal once a year. Sadly, I'm not exaggerating, last year literally had ONE entry. We wouldn't be surprised if you've forgotten about this LJ community existing.
I'd like to update you on the album mentioned in last year's entry: Edge Of The World. We have 4 songs for download now, accessible from the Audigy menu in the top bar of the site. We offer to you the following:
Please Verify
Standing At The Edge Of The World
Arcadia Tomorrow

Lyrics are available from the album's page.

And not to be incomplete, a year ago TODAY(May 6-8th), which was after the previous post, KenCho and Aeon(a.k.a. Ashram) went to a NIN concert and a Garbage concert, had a hell of a time, and brought back pictures. The journal is also available for viewing.


Aural Pleasure: you don't want to know...

Site News; Vun 3.0 Apr. 16th, 2005 @ 03:14 am
If you haven't noticed, both vunduns.com and this community have undergone quite the metamorphosis. I think it's for the better, personally.

The purpose of said redesign is to reflect our upcoming internet-exclusive release, Edge Of The World. While previously we had a short clip of a song in the works available, it has since been completed. Therefore, we present to you...


We hope you enjoy it. I'd like to be modest, but I can't help it - it kicks a modicum of ass.

Aural Pleasure: "Right Where It Belongs" by Nine Inch Nails

Nov. 7th, 2004 @ 02:07 am
Vun 2.0, Bitter Quill, is finished... recorded, mixed, mastered, done. I am more than pleased with the results; we produced a better album in a week than most bands do over the span of several years. At the very least, it kicks the bloody shite out of our old material.

Now we basically have to finish the album art and print such things out, and we'll begin shipping out the pre-orders and putting it in stores and stuff. That means if you want it at the pre-order price, you've probably only got a day or two left. Yes, this is blatantly shameless, but what do you expect in this community?

Disposition: accomplishedaccomplished
Aural Pleasure: FFXI [plvl-ing]

Bitter Quill Nov. 3rd, 2004 @ 08:18 pm
After a stretch of time that went on far too long, we are now nearing completion of our second studio album. Loads of fresh material on here, and an old relic I created in our early days was completely rejuvenated and added to the line-up. Truly, Bitter Quill marks a vast departure from our previous work. But all that is triviality.

What's really important here is the actual music.

"Paladin Complex"

I've made the mp3 low-quality simply for ease-of-download, especially for dialup users. While it won't sound quite as clear as the final master, it's all there, and it IS the full song. If you like what you hear, rest assured that the full album will be available to purchase within the week. Up until the release, you may pre-order it for a mere $5. We haven't decided what the price will be upon release as of yet. Email " aeonbluestar39@ pol.com " [yes, we're all about the FFXI] to find out how to go about pre-ordering. Putting "VUN 2.0" in the subject line would help us get to your order faster, of course.

Disposition: ecstaticMY DEAR JONNY, MY DEAR FRIENDD
Aural Pleasure: "Fiddle And The Drum" by A Perfect Circle
Other entries
» Where's my ramen?
Well, some recent things have happened in the lives of each of us Vun Duns members.... most specifically mine. The company I was working for (yeah those day jobs really can suck sometimes) went bankrupt and lost all of its cash flow...... therefore us poor hard workers had to take it in the ass from the man when he told us about the major layoff. This kinda sent things in a downward spiral... but I did not fret. I used that negative energy and turned it into something positive. I sat there and threw together a few new tracks, all of them very cyberpopish yet still symphonic in nature. Good thing was that KenCho loved them and it wasn't long before he had lyrics laid out. These lyrics began to tell a story though.. a story that we carried on... was originally to only be a simple 6 track EP, but this new stuff in the works here seems to be growing along with the storyline in our heads. Something new is coming, something completely different from that which you have already known. We'll have samples for you as soon as the availability is made and a song is finished. The project is still untitled, but I have a feeling about this one....


» 'Ello
KenCho when are you to arrive in teh_JopLand?



go' bye.

» Happy Halloween month!
Let's all thank the Pagans for this wonderful holiday where we get to dress up in cheap costumes and go door-to-door begging for free candy, and sometimes threatening those who've run out of candy. Kencho is coming to Joplin to spend time with the rest of the band during this delightful holiday. We hope to have pictures for ya; Aeon and myself got pretty plastered at a party a few weeks back, and we do have pictures from that night of craziness. If we find any that aren't NC-17, we'll be sure to stick them in the gallery.

If you haven't seen the October edition of vunduns.com, please do. It's all creepy and crap!

» Stage Diving
Echoes of the sentiments portrayed by my boisterous friend below. I'm sure this community will increase in noteworthiness and stature once our new album is released (sometime this decade, I assure you). Not much else to say at the moment, so I guess I'm done here. I have to go suffer through menial labour now.


Hi, folks, and welcome to The Vun Duns community. I, Questo, will be moderating this bit-bucket. This community is for random Vun news and discussion. You can post a new message by clicking the WRITE A POST link to your left, or comment on a specific post with the links at the bottom of each post. Anybody can post, even if you aren't a LiveJournal user.

Because we offer this little freedom, we also chose to moderate new posts before they're posted; this is mostly to keep any virtual blood from being spilled. If you really wanna have an all-out brawl over which band member has the sexiest ass, take it outsi- err, to your own blogs. All that said... HAVE FUN!

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